investing in memories featuring hogan woodwork swings

Usually when I create a space I try to think long-term and ask myself these questions:

-Will this be a place that our family can create lasting memories?

-What can I put in this particular spot that fosters imaginary play?

-Can the kids grow with this and enjoy it for years to come?

The very first time we drove up to our house my attention immediately went to the huge maple tree. My initial thought was, “That tree was made for a swing!” I started looking into some options for tree swings and came across these absolutely beautiful Natural Wooden Pine Swings made by Hogan Tree Swings.


They were exactly what I was looking for! I wanted something that didn’t distract but the house or tree but that emphasized its beauty. Chris was able to easily tie them securely and as soon as he was finished we both hopped on to test them out. Who knew how relaxing it is as an adult to swing with the wind in your face!

One of my favorite views is watching the girls blissfuly swing back and forth during the evening light. I asked Caroline what it makes her feel like when she’s on it and responded right away with, “Calmness.” which I thought was so sweet and exactly what I hoped it would make them feel.


David and Terri are the wonderful couple behind Hogan Tree Swings and are an absolute delight to work with. You can see the love and intention they put into their creations. They also offer double swings and a variety of colors that are so fun!

These would be a gift that keeps on giving by providing memories that will last a lifetime.




master bedroom tour + room sharing with baby

I actually don’t think this can be called a “master bedroom tour” because our room is far from master size, ha! We will roll with it though because its what we’ve got and I love the space we have. Our room is also shared with Jack for now and really until we move to our next home so I had to get pretty creative in making a fun space for him as well. This post showcases so many incredible products that I’ve been eager to share with you all! Ok, lets get started…



The closer I get to age 30 the more I prioritize very “adult” things like a comfortable mattress + pillows, beautiful + soft bedding, and a space that I can escape to at the end of the feels restful. So we actually won our mattress in an Instagram and giveaway and I cannot express enough what a GIFT this has been. It’s from Tomorrow Sleep and is really a dream. We upgraded from a queen to a king size and we’re never looking back!! Here is a rundown of the incredible products that make up our favorite spot in the house:

Zonk’d Hybrid Pillows: These are a dream. Zonk’d hybrid pillows are a combination of traditional down and memory foam. They provide just the right of support without being too bulky or hard. If you need a little extra cushion in your pillows but don’t want to give up support then these are the way to go!

Viverano Organic Sheets:  It’s funny how sheet quality is something that I never really appreciated until recently and these 100% Viverano Organic white sheets are so soft, beautiful, and you can tell upon feeling them they will last years and years. Viverano also makes some of my favorite organic children’s clothing so be sure to check out all they have to offer!

Quahog Bay Bedding: Beth, the owner of Quahog Bay Bedding sent me one of her brand new products to try out and its one of those things you don’t realize you need until you have it! It is called the “Tuck-Me-In CUSTOM Blanket” and helps your sheets to stay in place! I’ve noticed that my bed is so much easier to make each morning without the sheets getting all bundled together. It is made of 100% Cotton and is a perfect extra layer between your comforter and sheets during the winter months. It also would work so well  as your main comforter during the hotter months.

Kate’s Linen Sheets: Kate owns a linen Etsy shop and creates gorgeous linen pieces from bedding to towels, napkins, and custom pieces. This gorgeous linen sheet is my first experience with linen bedding and there are so many things I love about it. It immediately makes the room more inviting, calming, and lovely.

Felt Nook Letter Boards:  I have had a few letter boards prior to trying out the Felt Nook brand and I rave to everyone about these!! They are sold for a fabulous price, every set comes with two (a larger and a mini shown above), and the owner is just so kind. They will be releasing more colors soon  as well!


Jack’s space consists of one wall but I am so pleased with how his “wall” came together.

Here are a few tips I have for those who share a room with your baby for a while!

1.) Although it’s temporary, invest the time and energy into putting together a space you love for your little one. You will be so glad you did because it’s your room too and you want it to a place you love!

2.) Have some sort of theme. The theme doesn’t have to be a character or anything like that but think like colors that blend together and don’t clash with your space.

3.) Find good organization methods. I use this cute Ikea cart to hold his toys, blankets, bedding, bibs, and cute little friends.  It’s not only very functional but I love the look of it as well! They have several different colors at Ikea and similar products at Target. I also have some small baskets and love the ladder to display his darling blankets.


I am so excited to share with you this incredible crib sheet! I truly have never see one with such amazing detail – it really almost looks 3D somehow! My goal was to have a rustic look but I didn’t want it to be too generic or common – as soon as I spotted this print I knew it was exactly what the space needed. I’ve received endless compliments and I definitely understand why. This was a custom made mini crib size by Jescalyn over at LoveLilaAnn. She offers a wide variety or prints and patterns in very high quality fabrics. You can also find wooden and crochet teethers as well as baby books. You can find the exact sheet HERE!

There you have it! It may not be anything fancy but I take such pride and joy in putting together a warm and inviting home for my family and myself to enjoy being in. Please let me know if you have any questions regarding products, I would love to discuss further about these amazing brands that I’ve had the privilege of trying out and reviewing!





a mom’s best friend – bobsweep

IMG_2923IMG_2930I’m sure by now everyone knows about robotic vacuums but what everyone doesn’t know is just how AMAZING they actually are. Call me dramatic (which I very well am) but this bobsweep has actually changed my life as a housewife. As a mom of 3 kids under four years old you can imagine how many daily tasks I have to keep up with… laundry, the girls room, our room, living room, dishes, more laundry, and oh meeting all the immediate needs of my children! Whew! It sure does feel overwhelming at times. Vacuuming is something that typically gets put on the back burner for me, especially so in our current home because its a split level. To get our vacuum, I have to trek downstairs then haul it up and back down the stairs. All have to do is bend down and press play, and I get to sit and watch him clean. It’s a gift that keeps on giving, quite literally!


We run our “bob” every single day, sometimes twice a day. It is pretty shocking (and a little gross) just how much he picks up every time he runs. Our regular vacuum NEVER made our floors look nearly as clean. I’ve become a little dependent on Bob, and we even refer to him as our fourth child, ha! So I’m going to break it down into a few main reasons why I think your household would love a bobsweep as much as ours does:

1. Time Saver – Aren’t we all looking for ways to cut down time on household tasks?! Well, these vacuums are a practical way to do that!
2. Cleaner Floors – This may seem obvious, but I have to emphasize again how thorough our bob is. It does such a significantly better job than I have ever done!!  It takes the satisfaction of vacuum lines to a whole new level.
3. One less task for mom to do – As I mentioned above, we all know we have our hands full during this stage of life with little ones, and I think we can all agree that having some help around the house is a wonderful thing.
4. Motivates you to pick up often – For bob to have his full effect I have found that I like to do a quick pickup around the house so he can get as many rooms as possible. Since I usually run him during nap time and after the kids go down for bed that means I’m picking up much more frequently than I normally would and its so satisfying pressing “play” and having him clean while I just sit.

I could go on and on about how much I LOVE our robotic vacuum so please ask me any questions you have about them! Oh – and one last essential detail is that it HAS A MOPPING FEATURE.  As if you needed another reason to treat yo’ self with a bobsweep! You fan find my exact mode from Target HERE!




toy organization with delta children

I did a playroom tour post a month or so back and am excited to share a few changes we’ve made featuring Delta Children. We can all agree that the more organization the better, when it comes to the mess that is our kids’ toy situations, am I right?! My husband and I are always trying to minimize while also making a space for them that encourages creative play and fun. Two pieces that have really helped with this are this beautiful white bookshelf and toy chest from Delta Children.


We tried a few different solutions for the kids books (i.e. bins, baskets) but both were just too hard on the books themselves. I love that this bookshelf is the perfect size for children’s books and also is a great way to display and store some of your favorite toys. The toy chest is the absolute perfect place for dress up clothes. I love that their hidden but easily accessible for the girls.


Both pieces are great quality and a huge perk is that they were easy to assemble AND very affrodable! The bookshelf took about 20 minutes and toy chest 30 minutes or so.  We also have a Delta mini crib and have been so pleased with that as well. I highly recommend that you check out Delta Children next time you are needing kid friendly furniture items!






anchored east – a stylish + functional diaper bag

I think we can all agree that diaper bag backpacks are a must once you have more than one baby. There was just no way I could comfortably get from place to place with lugging a heavy bag on my shoulder. I’m beyond thankful for the diaper bag backpack option and it’s just a major plus when they’re beautiful as well. Tonight, I’m sharing with you the lovely diaper bag backpack bag by Anchored East.

IMG_9960IMG_9953IMG_9964I’ll get right to the point and share what makes it so great:

  • Stylish + Sleek design – The beautiful grey and leather combo is one of my favorites. It can go with any outfit whether that be casual, dressy, and even athletic gear.
  • GREAT Price – For many of us getting a 100 dollar diaper bag is a stretch on the budget, and so many of them exceed that by a lot. Anchored East sells theirs for just $49.99 you guys! Such a steal.
  • A Bounty of Pockets– If you’re a mom you KNOW how we can never have enough pockets. This bag can is very easily organized, and I also love how the opening is wide enough to access each pocket easily. I’ve used diaper bags that don’t have water bottle pockets, and it just did not work for me, thankfully Anchored East thought of adding two good size ones to this bag!
  • Comfortable -Another big priority for me in a diaper bag is how comfortable it is, and as you can see, the back and straps have ample (breathable mesh) padding.
  • Lightweight- The first I tried this on something I immediately noticed was how it felt like I wasn’t wearing a bag at all. Anytime I can add less weight to carry is always a huge plus! I mean I think a toddler in one arm and a car seat in another a good enough workout, right?
  • Easy to Clean – I’m not sure if I’m the only one who struggles with this or not, but everything I own is a magnet for dirt and stains! We, as moms, tend to be so hard on our diaper bags and I am so thankful when cleaning something is a simple process. Not only is it wipeable but also waterproof, and who doesn’t need that with the constant spilling of little water bottles?! It also comes with a cute chevron changing pad which is very easy to wipe down as well!



I also have to point out the beautiful detailing throughout the bag, I just love it and know you will too! You can find it on Amazon HERE! As always, thanks for stopping in. Please shoot any questions my way; I’d be more than happy to answer them!




family fun with educational insights + learning resources

This Christmas I wanted to focus on getting new toys and games that we could play as a family and also had an educational focus. The girls are getting to the age where they can start to understand simple board games, and it’s so much fun! While researching I kept coming across products made by Educational Insights and Learning Resources. They sent us over a few toys to try, and we have adored them both!


The first one I want to share with you is The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game. This game is simple enough for Maddie Mae who is 2.5 and is not the most focused person I know, haha! Caroline picked up on it immediately. We’ve been playing it just about every single night since we’ve opened it. The basics of how to play are this:

  • A player spins the spinner
  • Pick up the color of acorn that the arrow lands on with the Squirrel Squeezer
  • The first person to fill their log with the five colored acorns wins IMG_2206IMG_2212As you can see in the pictures, this is so good for fine motor skills. The girls had to work pretty hard to pick up the correct color of acorn and also to place it in their logs! It wasn’t too tricky where they were getting frustrated though which can sometimes be the case with certain games. IMG_2193


Besides being fun to play and a great way to bond as a family, there are also various developmental benefits as well!

  • Reinforces color learning
  • Develops strategic thinking, hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and pre-handwriting skills
  • Encourages social skills and turn-taking
  • Practices memory and attention skills
  • Color matching game for all ages
  • Designed to teach matching, sorting, counting, and simple math skills
  • Great first board game for a child
  • Quick, fun game that can be played continuously in a short time
  • Easy setup and cleanup

You can find the game on Amazon here!



The second product I wanted to introduce you to is a building focused toy called Gears! Gears! Gears!. I’ve mentioned before that we are big MagnaTile lovers and I knew the girls would love to have something similar for a little variety. I cannot rave about these enough, you guys! The girls played with them for three straight hours when we first opened them and have logged several hours since. These also are an excellent activity to encourage family bonding. Chris likes to build windmill structures, and the girls get so excited to “turn on electricity for the city.” If your kiddos aren’t quite at the age where they are ready for legos these are perfect! They also grow with them and highly encourage imagination at any age!
Here are a few of the amazing benefits and features:

  • Learning Style: Visual, Tactile
  • Skill Development: Counting, Sorting, Matching, Patterning, Problem Solving, Cause & Effect, Critical Thinking, Sequential Thought, Spatial Relationships, Creativity, Fine Motor, Eye-Hand Coordination, Visual Processing, Color Identification
  • 66 Colorful gears (blue, green, orange, red, purple), 36 square pillars, 31 six-way axles, eight pillar connectors, eight interlocking bases, two crank handles, one plastic storage tub, and activity guide.


These are a just a few of the incredible selection of educationally focused toys made by Educational Insights. Take a look through their website here!

I would love to answer any questions you might have about either of these so feel free to ask away and as always, thank you for stopping by!