investing in memories featuring hogan woodwork swings

Usually when I create a space I try to think long-term and ask myself these questions:

-Will this be a place that our family can create lasting memories?

-What can I put in this particular spot that fosters imaginary play?

-Can the kids grow with this and enjoy it for years to come?

The very first time we drove up to our house my attention immediately went to the huge maple tree. My initial thought was, “That tree was made for a swing!” I started looking into some options for tree swings and came across these absolutely beautiful Natural Wooden Pine Swings made by Hogan Tree Swings.


They were exactly what I was looking for! I wanted something that didn’t distract but the house or tree but that emphasized its beauty. Chris was able to easily tie them securely and as soon as he was finished we both hopped on to test them out. Who knew how relaxing it is as an adult to swing with the wind in your face!

One of my favorite views is watching the girls blissfuly swing back and forth during the evening light. I asked Caroline what it makes her feel like when she’s on it and responded right away with, “Calmness.” which I thought was so sweet and exactly what I hoped it would make them feel.


David and Terri are the wonderful couple behind Hogan Tree Swings and are an absolute delight to work with. You can see the love and intention they put into their creations. They also offer double swings and a variety of colors that are so fun!

These would be a gift that keeps on giving by providing memories that will last a lifetime.




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