don’t wish it away

As I’m sitting here in a silent house and all my babies are sleeping, I was struck with a distinct sadness. As a mom, especially a mom with a newborn, it feels like the ultimate goal is to have your babies on a schedule. Then you’ll arrive, then you’ll be sane. Although I will not deny in any way that sleep is vitally important, and if you’re over the threshold of sleep deprivation then this is probably not the best time to read this post, ha! I was there for a few days when Jack was around five weeks old, and definitely, remember that terrible feeling! This is for all the other moms in the season of having littles – where schedules can be unpredictable, days can be down right exhausting, and nights are often frustrating. I feel you! BUT I also want to shed light on the fact that this season and really this life is gone in a blink. One minute you’re holding your brand new baby, then it seems the next they’re getting themselves dressed, tying their shoes, brushing their own teeth. I’m not sure why it’s struck me so greatly the third time around. Maybe because my third has been the most laid back of them all? Maybe because the transition from 2-3 has been quite a bit smoother then 1-2 was? Whatever the reason, I am thankful…thankful that I’ve slowed down and taken a deeper look at these fleeting days.

I don’t have anything profound to say or even something that is new to you, but I just wanted to give an encouraging word to all of you at this stage of life. As I put my three babies down for bed at the same time, it felt too soon. Too soon for the season to be over of Jack staying up late with Chris and I kicking his little feet and swinging at his play gym. Too soon for him to soothe himself to sleep. Too soon for him to be reaching for his own toys and rolling from front to back and not far from crawling. Those five months were some of the fastest of my life, and I’m sure time only feels faster as our lives go on. As I look back on pictures of his first few days and my girls baby faces it pains me yet challenges me to press into this often physically, emotionally, and mentally trying stage of life because it’s worth it. Because they are our greatest earthly gifts. Because they were given to us to shepherd and love and nurture and love under our household only for a short time. So press on, fellow mamas it’s all so worth it.





p.s. going to go sob now

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