a mom’s best friend – bobsweep

IMG_2923IMG_2930I’m sure by now everyone knows about robotic vacuums but what everyone doesn’t know is just how AMAZING they actually are. Call me dramatic (which I very well am) but this bobsweep has actually changed my life as a housewife. As a mom of 3 kids under four years old you can imagine how many daily tasks I have to keep up with… laundry, the girls room, our room, living room, dishes, more laundry, and oh meeting all the immediate needs of my children! Whew! It sure does feel overwhelming at times. Vacuuming is something that typically gets put on the back burner for me, especially so in our current home because its a split level. To get our vacuum, I have to trek downstairs then haul it up and back down the stairs. All have to do is bend down and press play, and I get to sit and watch him clean. It’s a gift that keeps on giving, quite literally!


We run our “bob” every single day, sometimes twice a day. It is pretty shocking (and a little gross) just how much he picks up every time he runs. Our regular vacuum NEVER made our floors look nearly as clean. I’ve become a little dependent on Bob, and we even refer to him as our fourth child, ha! So I’m going to break it down into a few main reasons why I think your household would love a bobsweep as much as ours does:

1. Time Saver – Aren’t we all looking for ways to cut down time on household tasks?! Well, these vacuums are a practical way to do that!
2. Cleaner Floors – This may seem obvious, but I have to emphasize again how thorough our bob is. It does such a significantly better job than I have ever done!!  It takes the satisfaction of vacuum lines to a whole new level.
3. One less task for mom to do – As I mentioned above, we all know we have our hands full during this stage of life with little ones, and I think we can all agree that having some help around the house is a wonderful thing.
4. Motivates you to pick up often – For bob to have his full effect I have found that I like to do a quick pickup around the house so he can get as many rooms as possible. Since I usually run him during nap time and after the kids go down for bed that means I’m picking up much more frequently than I normally would and its so satisfying pressing “play” and having him clean while I just sit.

I could go on and on about how much I LOVE our robotic vacuum so please ask me any questions you have about them! Oh – and one last essential detail is that it HAS A MOPPING FEATURE.  As if you needed another reason to treat yo’ self with a bobsweep! You fan find my exact mode from Target HERE!




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