anchored east – a stylish + functional diaper bag

I think we can all agree that diaper bag backpacks are a must once you have more than one baby. There was just no way I could comfortably get from place to place with lugging a heavy bag on my shoulder. I’m beyond thankful for the diaper bag backpack option and it’s just a major plus when they’re beautiful as well. Tonight, I’m sharing with you the lovely diaper bag backpack bag by Anchored East.

IMG_9960IMG_9953IMG_9964I’ll get right to the point and share what makes it so great:

  • Stylish + Sleek design – The beautiful grey and leather combo is one of my favorites. It can go with any outfit whether that be casual, dressy, and even athletic gear.
  • GREAT Price – For many of us getting a 100 dollar diaper bag is a stretch on the budget, and so many of them exceed that by a lot. Anchored East sells theirs for just $49.99 you guys! Such a steal.
  • A Bounty of Pockets– If you’re a mom you KNOW how we can never have enough pockets. This bag can is very easily organized, and I also love how the opening is wide enough to access each pocket easily. I’ve used diaper bags that don’t have water bottle pockets, and it just did not work for me, thankfully Anchored East thought of adding two good size ones to this bag!
  • Comfortable -Another big priority for me in a diaper bag is how comfortable it is, and as you can see, the back and straps have ample (breathable mesh) padding.
  • Lightweight- The first I tried this on something I immediately noticed was how it felt like I wasn’t wearing a bag at all. Anytime I can add less weight to carry is always a huge plus! I mean I think a toddler in one arm and a car seat in another a good enough workout, right?
  • Easy to Clean – I’m not sure if I’m the only one who struggles with this or not, but everything I own is a magnet for dirt and stains! We, as moms, tend to be so hard on our diaper bags and I am so thankful when cleaning something is a simple process. Not only is it wipeable but also waterproof, and who doesn’t need that with the constant spilling of little water bottles?! It also comes with a cute chevron changing pad which is very easy to wipe down as well!



I also have to point out the beautiful detailing throughout the bag, I just love it and know you will too! You can find it on Amazon HERE! As always, thanks for stopping in. Please shoot any questions my way; I’d be more than happy to answer them!




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